Introduction to Pathway to the Voice

My understanding of the position of support of the Uniting Church with regard to the Voice to Parliament, is that it is call for unity and reconciliation. It is not intended to divide. The Uniting Church believes that it will encourage and enable “greater cooperation and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.”

The Uniting Church is an inclusive and multi-cultural church and courageously lives with the tensions this may bring. Also, the Uniting Church continually endeavours to unite persons of faith on its journey as People of the Way.

I reiterate I am not telling anyone to vote YES. Neither do I believe is the Uniting Church. However, the Uniting Church has taken a position to support the Voice to Parliament on theological grounds. This does not mean that it has become political. Sometimes, in being witnesses to the gospel of reconciliation, unity and justice it is necessary to raise a prophetic voice to the milieu of politics.

In these videos I have tried to present the position of the Uniting Church and to contextualise it from the Uniting Church’s perspective. The intention is to present to and inform members of the Uniting Church the journey and the theological position of the Uniting Church regarding important socio-political issues. It is also to encourage members to reflect upon and engage in conversations with regard to their own understanding of the Voice to Parliament– this is how understanding of one another grows. This, I believe is my responsibility as a leader of a local congregation.

Please also read the Uniting Church’s two-page document: Why does the Uniting Church Support a Voice? Click HERE.

Pathway to the Voice

UCAQLD Statement on the Voice to Parliament

Uniting for the Voice – with Thomas Mayo